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Past, Present, and Future of Drug–Drug Interactions

Rene Levy | 20-Feb-2019

This article is an up-to-date overview on research and clinical management issues for drug-drug interactions. As the field has changed dramatically in the last few years, this timely overview is a great opportunity to get updated.

An automated sampling importance resampling procedure for estimating parameter uncertainty.

Dr. Anne-Gaëlle Dosne | 20-Feb-2019

I found this article to be interesting because it provides an assumption-light and efficient procedure to obtain parameter uncertainty in nonlinear mixed-effects models

Scientific white paper on concentration-QTc modeling

Christine Garnett, PharmD

I like this article because it provides an excellent guidance on how to approach the modeling of QT prolongation in well-designed early phase I studies as a potential alternative approach to a thorough QT study to reliably exclude clinically relevant QTc effects.

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